Sidak-SP is a leading Russian manufacturer of high quality furniture panels and sheet materials for more than seventeen years. Company is one of the few companies in the market, which has the entire spectrum of modern technologies in its production segment.
Company’s range of goods involve flat and 3D lamination, painting and patina, wood and veneer, profiled and aluminum products etc.

The basis of our priorities are innovations, advanced technologies, proved high quality products and reliable customers’ service.
We have strong long-term relationships with many leading suppliers of furniture components and materials all over the world.

We are always open to new proposals, ideas and cooperation, which enforce our market positions and improve our assortment.

We are doing our best to satisfy fully our customers aspirations today and we search for bright creativity and innovations to encourage their future growth.


Today we have more than 18,000 m² of production space, more than 10 different production technologies, the newest equipment and the best materials.
Our adaptive manufacturing system and total barcoding allow us to process orders from one items.
We offer guaranteed quality and maximum freedom of choice for customers.

We use 200 000 m2 of plastic per year
350 000 m2 of films per year
400 000 m2 of MDF per year


Furniture front panels

There are five programs, more than ten collections in panels’ range. Each customer finds something new and attractive, trendy and expressive in our huge assortment from 3D and acrylic to wood and veneer panels.

Furniture panels and interior boards

It opens fine opportunities for independent furniture-makers and designers, becoming the reflection of their bravest and innovative ideas in creating interiors and self-made furniture panels. Program is supported by huge collection of furniture edges.

Attendant products

The attendant products are to become an essential attribute, stylistically connected with the interior pattern. These products include furniture stained glass, handles, edge-bends, kitchen hoods, dining – groups etc.

Furniture kitting

This range includes kitting of kitchens sets, which consists of modules, furniture panels, all inner components, handles and attendant products etc. to complete end customers’ orders for kitchens furniture.

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